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Students Services

Extensive lectures, seminars and workshops form an important part of the development process of the students. Eminent academicians and practising professionals are invited on a regular basis for guest lectures. The students get a better insight into the subject concerned and the opportunities available to them. Through these activities the students get a chance to improve their Communication skills, Leadership qualities and to develop the right kind of attitude for success in their careers. Students are taken on field trips and educational tours to various institutes, industries and organizations. They are also required to submit reports of project work and present papers at workshops and seminars, as part of their academic work.

The counselling cell offers support services to students facing psychological stress in academic and social matters.

Campus Life

Students enjoy a broad range of experiences during college. Participations is encouraged in all activities. They are given a free hand to enrol in clubs to match their interests. Students clubs in the campus include:
National Green Crops / Eco club, Dhwani ( A forum for social issues), Drushti ( Psychology club), Dhruva ( Astronomy club), Parampara ( Heritage club), Gloworms – Readers’ club.
ED-cell-Entrepreneurship Development Cell.

An in-house magazine is an annual feature, wherein the creative and artistic talents and achievements of the students are showcased.

Music and dance from an integral part of college life. The year long literary and cultural activities like Orientation & Induction Program, Fresher’s welcome party, Diwali celebrations, New Year get together, Sports day, Founder’s day, Tree Plantation day, Blood Donation Camp, Annual fete et all culminate in the grand annual 3 days long festival.

Soft Skill Development Lab: Proficiency in English Language & Personality Development is enhanced through periodic workshops.

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